The Evolved Web

The web changed, whether you were ready for it or not. The question you want to catch up or are you satisfied lagging behind?

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, now everyone knows exactly what these names represent...Social Media. Social Media has taken over our culture and has changed the way we communicate with each other and the world. But just how big is this thing anyway? Well, the video below does a great job of presenting the impact Social Media has had, is having, and will have down the road. Take a few minutes to watch it. This trend may be even bigger than you thought.

How Google Works

I found the graphic below that gives a very good visual description of the inner-workings of Google's search engine and I thought it was worth sharing. There are two key points to take from this: Page Titles and Backlinks.

It's very important to title your website pages, both in the actual content and in the title tags with relevant keywords. Clever titles that do not offer straight forward descriptions of what you'll find on that particular page can be damaging. And, if other high ranking websites aren't linking to yours, you'll never move up in Google's search results.

Website Templates vs. Custom Designs

There is no shortage of website templates available today for your next church, non-profit, or small business website. They come in all shapes, sizes, and feature sets all designed to provide you, the end customer, a sea of low cost options. Contrasting with this, is the option to hire a designer to provide you with a custom designed website with your exact colors, graphics, and style to present your site in a truly unique way to your site visitors. Both options have the potential to give your site a professional look that will get you noticed.

New Year, New Website?

If you're like me, you're probably a little sad the holidays are over, but you're excited about the new year, getting back into your normal routine, and planning out your goals for 2010. If you're sulking in depression about the thought of one more in year living life as you know it...well, that's for another time...I'm sorry.

A new year is great time to evaluate many aspects of your church, non-profit, or small business including it's web-presence. Take some time to think about the last 12 months as they relate to your website using the subjects below.